Introduction to The Mind that is Me

Here we are, at the start of my Medium journey, finally writing something after making an account years ago while I was in college. After a depressing yet hilarious conversation with a friend yesterday, she produced the quote above. I then realized what an excellent idea it is to do so.

Hopefully, this Medium will help me do the things I’d like it to do: keep my brain running, be a portfolio for when I want to apply to jobs, and become a space where I could talk about the things I want to talk about without having to log on to Twitter and leave a bunch of tweets in the drafts.

The writings I’m attempting to present in this platform would be in a variety of themes. Themes include, but are not limited to: football, cars, music, current affairs, and personal rants (which I hope to keep PG-13, unlike another blog of mine). The themes will manifest in the tags, which I hope to remember using after every post. The views related to the themes will, of course, be my own.

I have a set of perspectives about the many topics out there in the world, some might be popular, some might be unpopular, and some might just be the centrist in me. So if you agree with the things I will be saying, well, thank you, and let’s have a chat. If you disagree with the things I will be saying, well, thank you, and let’s have a chat. Hopefully, we’ll have a discussion, find a common ground, and don’t end up having personal crusades against the other’s beliefs and opinions.

My mind needs a way out. Hopefully, by talking about the things I actually do care about and want to talk about, it doesn’t blow up. Thank you for reading, trust no one, and see you in the next post.



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Patrick Aditya Sitanggang

Patrick Aditya Sitanggang

Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Universitas Indonesia. Football. Cars. Pop culture. Current affairs. Personal rants. Random thoughts.