Letters to Myself: Epilogue

Patrick Aditya Sitanggang
3 min readMar 17, 2023
Picture of my father, during our vacation to Japan in 2019
Adar. (Fujikawaguchiko, 2019)

When I started writing the “Letters to Myself” mini-series, I genuinely thought people wouldn’t be that interested to read them. I did give a disclaimer that the mini-series was personal, something that people might not be able to relate to directly since the stories revolved around me. Stories from 15 years gone by, hopes for 15 years ahead, and a 2022 review, all through my lens and how I remember things.

Statistics are not in my interest. I write to write and express and tell a story I want to tell. However, I was surprised that the stories’ statistics are pretty okay. I don’t necessarily mean to brag or boast about stats. I guess I’m just surprised that… people paid attention. Yes, I did post the link to the stories on my Instagram and Twitter, but I didn’t expect that people would read it. I can’t predict what is it that made you read it. Bet this one won’t get as many views and reads, though.

My mother read all three of them, which was a bit of a surprise for me. She asked me about the things I wrote and expressed her concerns, especially about work. She said something along the lines of she likes reading my stories and how I write. She was also a little worried about some things written in Part III, but I assured her that every bit of the story is my take and perspective and no details were really divulged, hence it would not tie into my professional life. Well, hopefully. She is my mother after all, so the line is a little blurry between her as a mom and as an audience.

I had friends messaging and calling me, especially after the third part was uploaded. Kind words were said, support was shown, and one even called me with tears. Again I was surprised by this, but I guess that’s just what writing a story could be. You never know who’s going to resonate with what you’re writing about, and how they would feel even when the story is so personal. It is also nice to be reminded that people do care about your struggles, and sometimes the people that care could be the people you didn’t expect to care.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who has read all parts of “Letters to Myself”. Thank you for letting me share a sliver of my story with you; all my past experiences, my future aspirations, and my life as a 25-year-old with storm after storm seemingly neverending. I hope to write more and more in the future. I hope that the stories I write will continue to reverberate with you. Technically, I just wish to write more.

Thank you for reading, trust no one, and see you in the next post.



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