My Questions About Men

Patrick Aditya Sitanggang
2 min readMar 29, 2021


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This will be a list of all the questions I have regarding men. It will be in no particular cohesion between one question to the next, just whatever pops in my head or whatever question people have that they conveyed through this post. I tried to give a number to it, but I realize it would be too small or too big. This will result in more and more edit if it’s the former. So here we go:

  1. Why do a lot of us still think that the world should be shaped according to a man’s perception?
  2. Why do men still think that men can police and rule women?
  3. Why are male victims of sexual harassment and assault less talked about?
  4. Why are men so stubborn about masculinity and how important it is to “man up”?
  5. Why is it hard to accept for some people that the patriarchy harms men too?
  6. This was a while ago, but why was it when I was doing the grocery run, some older women looked at me a bit funny while I was picking fruits and eggs?
  7. Why is it difficult for women to accept that there will always be men who don’t understand the statement “men are trash” because they don’t get the reasoning behind it and therefore will always troll it and be offended by it?
  8. Is it just me falling behind on it, or has there really not been a conversation about the male body image?
  9. Why are some men still finding other men practicing skincare routine to be something weird?
  10. Why are some men still confused with pronouns when they’re calling a car or a boat “she”?
  11. Why do men enjoy fantasy sports? (K.I.) (I mean… I wrote about it. Still…)
  12. Is it weird if a man does things like having and putting lip balm to avoid dry lips? (E.A.)
  13. Why is it when famous men do the most mundane stuff, everybody goes nuts about it?
  14. Why is “what men should wear” content still a thing when if a guy made the opposite content, he would be virtually lynched?
  15. Thirst tweets over male celebrity content. Why are they a thing?
  16. Can men actually be feminists or an ally to feminism?
  17. How in the world is there such a classification of alpha and beta males?
  18. In the same spirit as that post (TikTok, I think it was), why is it then in a heterosexual relationship, women always think that men are about to leave them all the time?
  19. Why do men keep comparing menstrual and birth pain to circumcision and being kicked in the genitals?
  20. Are men insecure about other men the same way as women are insecure about other women? (P.A.)



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